Our Mission

Animal Liberation Victoria is committed to the following Statement of Purposes.

To abolish the property status of animals

All sentient beings, regardless of species, have inherent value and should not be treated as the property of others. To this purpose we seek to abolish, not merely regulate, animal exploitation. Animals are not ours.

To change speciesist attitudes and practices

Just as we reject racism, sexism, ageism, ableism and heterosexism, we also reject speciesism. No sentient individual should ever be denied basic rights to life and liberty because of their race, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation or species membership.

To educate the public about animal rights and veganism

We are committed to educating the public about animal rights issues. At all times we advocate for veganism as a moral baseline and as the compassionate, rational, and healthy way of life that it is.

To embrace the principles of non-violence and compassion

Our campaigns and actions are at all times guided by the principles of non-violence and compassion to all beings.