10 easy ways you can help animals

There are so many different ways to support the liberation of animals.

The exploitation, enslavement and death of billions of animals every year is an overwhelming reality.

How can any of us, as an individual, tackle such a global and all-pervasive  issue? Can we really make a difference?

All social change throughout history has begun with individuals who used their voice, actions and example to inspire others. Every contribution to that end goal, however small it may seem, IS how change occurs.

Below are ten very simple ways you can contribute to the liberation of animals.

1 Live vegan

Living vegan is the most powerful thing you can do to create a kinder world for animals.

A world where we do not eat, wear or use animals and ‘products’ that come from their exploitation is a liberated world for animals!

2 Use your voice for animals

Talk to people about the realities of animal agriculture, animal rights and the joys of living a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle!

The vast majority of people are against animal cruelty and if they knew what happened to animals, as well as how easy it is to be vegan, why wouldn’t they be? Every conversation with a friend or family member could plant a seed.

3 Use social media for good

There can be harmful things about social media, but it can also be used for education!

For example, sharing ALV campaigns, investigations and articles on Facebook and Instagram, is a huge help. Sharing pictures of happy and free rescued animals from Liberation Sanctuary could be that final straw that makes someone go vegan too. Our Vegan Easy campaign regularly posts news items and helpful articles related to being vegan on Instagram and Facebook, and hosts the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge so that people can transition to being vegan with daily emails and a complete meal plan.

Commenting messages of kindness and compassion on posts that promote cruelty and animal products is also a valuable way to help people consider veganism.

It’s also incredibly helpful to do a quick fact check and provide links to reputable information. With so much disinformation on social media, you can make an important contribution by countering people’s myths about veganism and animal rights with logical arguments backed up by solid research.

4 Lead by example

Show people how easy it is to be vegan by walking the walk! Share some delicious vegan food you’ve made with a non-vegan friend, invite them to a vegan restaurant, suggest vegan alternative snacks, shoes or face creams if a friend is looking to buy something!

Just simply being vegan can inspire others to question their own beliefs. Don’t underestimate the power of setting a good example.

5 Volunteer at an animal sanctuary!

Spend some of your free time helping out at an animal sanctuary, like ALV’s own Liberation Sanctuary for rescued animals. It’s an amazing way to help lighten the sanctuary load, while also getting some time in a beautiful place with special furry and feathery friends!

Invite a non-vegan friend to come along – it’s a great way to help them see animals as individuals to be respected, not exploited.

6 Spread kindness without saying a word

Purchase animal-themed bumper stickers and regular stickers, wear t-shirts that promote animal rights wherever you go, and distribute literature like our free Vegan Easy booklets by passing them on to friends or leaving them at work, school or public libraries.

7 Buddy up with a friend for the 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge

photo by @happier.pets

Our Vegan Easy Challenge is a great way to help someone become vegan in a guided way. Use our Invite a Friend form to challenge your friends to 30 days of living vegan. Do the challenge together and it can be a great bonding experience and will help support your friends stick to the process.

8 Join our Ethical Community!

We want to give back to those who give for the animals. An ALV Supporter Card gives members discounts at vegan businesses all across Australia and online. See all participating Ethical Community businesses.

From less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week, you can join our Ethical Community and support our work to end animal exploitation!

If you’re a vegan business, get in touch so we can sign you up to be part of the Ethical Community. By providing discounts to our ALV Supporter Card holders, we in turn help market your business to our vegan audience.

9 Review your food and raise funds for ALV!

The abillion app invites people to review their favourite vegan meals when they eat out, supermarket products, beauty and fashion products. The app gives you points for every review you submit, which can then be donated to the charity of your choice.

ALV is fortunate to be one of the participating charities on the app, so please choose us when you redeem your points!

Your reviews help build the vegan community and help others find the products that make being vegan even better.

10 Fundraise for an animal rights organisation

A bake sale? A marathon? A new challenge for yourself? There are plenty of ways to fundraise for your favourite animal rights organisation.

Your fundraising efforts will bring awareness to animal rights issues and get people in your community involved, thus opening their minds to consider making better choices.

By choosing to fundraise for ALV, you can help us to continue to run Vegan Easy, create more campaigns like Goat Truth, Pig Truth and Sheep Truth! Get in touch with your ideas and we can support you with promotion and other resources.

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