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Published 25 August 2022

Snap, write, share and donate - for free! You can raise $1USD for each review of vegan food or products to support ALV.

abillion is an exciting new app that allows you to rate and review any of the following:

  • a vegan meal you have at a restaurant
  • vegan products from the supermarket
  • vegan cosmetics, clothing, shoes or accessories you buy

You can review anything as long as it fits into the categories of Food, Apparel or Health & Beauty.

  1. Simply take photos of vegan food or products
  2. Write a short review
  3. abillion will credit you with $1USD to go towards an animal rights organisation or sanctuary of your choice!

Forrest is just one of the family members at ALV’s Liberation Sanctuary, a forever home for rescued animals.

This is an easy and amazing way to help animals while simply going about your daily life!

We are incredibly excited to share that as of August 2019 Animal Liberation Victoria became the first Australian animal rights organisation to be supported by abillion.

Please download the abillion app and start reviewing!

Find the app on the App Store and Google Play

Rate your meal when you eat out, the food in your pantry, the tooth paste, moisturiser or deodorant you use – anything vegan!

How to Donate your reviews to ALV

For every review you post (with photos) you will be able to donate $1 US dollar to Animal Liberation Victoria.

  1. After one or more reviews, tap the ‘Donate’ button under your profile photo in the app
  2. Scroll down until you find the Animal Liberation logo and enter the amount you wish to donate. Tap the ‘Donate’ button at the top right corner of the app then click ‘OK’ to confirm your choice
  3. Thank You!

Here’s a simple step-by-step video to show you how to donate:

How donations directed to ALV help animals

  • Rescue sick, dying, abandoned and orphaned animals
  • Run Liberation Sanctuary, home to almost 100 rescued animals
  • Continue our campaigns exposing exploitation and promoting freedom for all animals
  • Further our work promoting veganism through and our free Vegan Easy booklets

Please share this page and get as many people on board as you can! Receiving regular donations not only helps ALV to continue our life-saving work, but to create new and innovative campaigns to end animal abuse.

Thank you as always for your support!

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