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Published 3 February 2022

From professional athletes to exercise enthusiasts, people are thriving on plant-strong diets all around the world, and our Vegan Easy website will inspire your own vegan fitness journey.

above (left to right): Accomplished mountaineer Dr Robert Gropel, Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris, Olympic runner Izzi Batt-Doyle

Whether motivated by ethics and/or goals ranging from improved general fitness, endurance, muscle building and strength training, to quicker recovery and reduced inflammation, there are so many reasons athletes are making the switch to being fuelled by plants.

An increasing number of elite athletes have excelled in their field of sport, citing a plant-based diet as playing an important role in their successes.

However, you can also reap these benefits in your own life, regardless of ability or fitness level. You’ll be helping the planet, improving your health and most importantly, saving the lives of countless animals.

Our Vegan Easy website has an entire section devoted to health and fitness.

Vegan Easy Fitness


Why plant-based (vegan) is the optimal diet for fitness and health

above: Fiona Oakes, ultra marathon runner credit: Running For Good

This highly informative article is a great overview of vegan fitness, and includes:

  • Elite vegan athletes
  • The health benefits of a vegan diet
  • A general guide to fitness, health and nutrition
  • Endurance benefits
  • How to build muscle and training
  • and Recovery

The strongest vegans in the world

above: The mighty Ryan J Stills, strongest vegan in the world

Meet the vegans winning world championships and breaking records in open competition.

Protein for the vegan athlete

Leah Higl deadlifting 165 kilos credit @plantstrong_dietitian instagram

Comprehensive information and tips from Accredited Sports Dietitian Leah Higl about optimising protein as a vegan athlete.

Elite vegan athletes

above: Olympian Morgan Mitchell image credit: F45 Training

A fun, ongoing series that profiles individual athletes, and how being vegan has elevated their performance and positively impacted their personal lives.

Visit the Fitness section at Vegan Easy

Vegan Easy Fitness

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