Brands Pledge To Go Wool-Free

...and you can too! Learn about brands committing to go wool free, and read what the founders of these brands think about it all.

As a part of our campaign against the use of wool, Animal Liberation Victoria is working to have brands pledge to go ‘wool free’. Have a look below at some of these brands choosing kindness!

Please note this is not an advertisement. We just love compassionate clothing!

Ricepaper The Label

Speaking with Eve, the founder of Ricepaper:

What shocked you most about the wool industry?

This is a very difficult question, there is so much to cover  – I think every aspect of the wool industry has shocked me, from the environmental impact, the processes involved in shearing, wool scouring, breeding, the production and sometimes coating of the fibre etc. The thing that has shocked me the most is how the animals are being treated, all the processes involved are confronting, inhumane and brutal.

If you could share one thing to other designers using wool, what would it be? 

Sheep are gentle creatures, they are highly intelligent animals – because of us they go to the shearing floor distressed, tortured and harmed. Some are neglected, starved to death in drought, they’re slaughtered, some left battered and bloodied. It’s a cruel act committed by humans all to create a fibre. Don’t support a cruel industry- we can find other fibres that do not contribute to animals suffering.

What do you plan to use instead of wool? 

This is a step further into making our label more transparent and sustainable and I am really looking forward to the results. I plan to use more cellulosic fibres that are versatile and friendly to both our skin and  our planet – Tencels, Organic Cottons, Linens and Bamboo etc.

Melbourne based Ricepaper has all their garments sewn and created in Indonesia by women working in ethical conditions, who are paid proper working wages. Ricepaper is taking steps to become more sustainable, and is passionate about waste minimisation.

Ricepaper The Label became wool free in September 2019!

It’s All Fluff

Speaking with Erika, the founder of Fluff:

What shocked you the most about the wool industry?

The biggest surprise for me was that lambs and sheep were dying out in fields due to the cold temperatures after being shorn. This is an obvious consequence, but one I had naively overlooked.

What are your plans for a future without wool?

A future without wool is easy for Fluff, now that we’ve made this decision – we will look for sustainable, plant based or synthetic alternatives for our merchandise items that still meet our customer’s, and our own, high standards.

Working with people like Emma from Willow Creative allows us to find the best creative and sustainable alternatives and spread this message so that other people and brands take notice and hopefully do the same.

Why do you think leather is viewed differently to wool? Do you think that’s right?

I think people don’t connect lambs or sheep dying with the use of their wool – this information is not as readily available, or obvious to consumers/brands. I was one of these people. It’s not right and further highlights how much these conversations need to be had, but not in an aggressive or accusatory manner – these conversations should stem from curiosity and a brand’s desire to be more responsible.

It’s All Fluff is a brand that encourages being yourself and questioning things, especially in the beauty industry. They sell a vegan (no lanolin from sheep!), palm oil free bronzer and kabuki brush, recycled tote bags and other cool things.

Fluff has donated some beanies to ALV, so that rescue lambs can wear altered beanies as jumpers!

Fluff has some beanies that are wool, but have pledged not to produce anymore, so once they are out of stock, the brand will be wool free!

UPDATE: As of October 2019, Fluff no longer sells any wool products.

What can you do?

If you are a fashion brand that would like to choose compassion and be free from wool, hooray! Please let us know, so we can celebrate with you and promote this positive change.

If you are looking for alternative materials to use instead of wool, aren’t sure how to go about sourcing other materials, or want campaign support for the kind change you are making, we are teaming up with Willow Creative Co, ethical production and consultation agency, to make this transition as smooth as possible.

If you are a person who would like to see more brands going wool free, you can pledge to say ‘no’ to wool below!

We also have a message to brands still using wool which you can copy and email. Sending an email to a brand to let them know you like their designs and want to support them, but cannot support animal cruelty, is powerful for change making. We all vote with our dollar!

Pledge To Say “No” To Wool

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