Wool-Free Winter Wears

It’s time we stop wearing wool from sheep.

If you don’t know why wool is cruel, and is in fact a slaughter industry, read 16 Reasons to Stop Wearing Wool.

At Animal Liberation Victoria, we are against all forms of exploitation. For this reason, the products listed here are all made both ethically and sustainably. They are also all, of course, vegan, no sheep were harmed for them!

By using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing, these products are more expensive than others may be. However in supporting the slow fashion movement which is kinder on the planet and its resources, ALV supports buying less and buying well.

From Jakke London, click through image to their site

While we proudly promote vegan products that are made of sustainable fibres, findings published in the Global Fashion Agenda showed that even virgin synthetic materials (which are more accessible and affordable, but less eco-friendly) are less harmful to the environment than wool in terms of negative impact regarding water scarcity, global warming and eutrophication. Wool was found to be the second most environmentally impactful material in terms of global warming, only after silk, another exploitative animal material.

Below are some ethical, sustainable and vegan products. Please note that while these products are 100% vegan, not all of these brands are, so make sure to check materials when you shop!

Keep scrolling too, to see what Animal Liberation Victoria thinks of vegan second hand shopping – a more affordable, and very sustainable option.

Please note this is not an advertisement. We just love compassionate clothing!

La Ligne x Reformation Recycled Cotton Collection

Made from recycled polyester and recycled cotton

Made under fair trade certification, in ethically accredited, sustainable workspaces

Aarlette Cardigan: Armed Angel

Made from Tencel Lyocell (sustainably sourced wood cellulose, produced in a closed loop system)

Made under fair trade certification

Brother’s We Stand Cardigan: Knowledge Diamond Knit Jumper

Made of organic cotton

Brother’s We Stand only stocks vegan garments made ethically in a transparent supply chain, from a selection of different brands

This product is made ethically in Turkey


Escape Scarf: Kow Tow

Made from organic cotton

Made under fair trade certification, in ethically accredited spaces

ReNew Collection: Everlane

Fleece made from 35 recycled plastic bottles

Bluesign approved sustainable fabric

Made ethically in Vietnam

Brave Gentlemen

Fully vegan brand!

Made from a blend of recycled cotton and recycled polyester diverted from the waste stream in Brazil.

Made with fair labour certifications – not just in the clothing production, but in the production of the materials, too.

Gia Cable Knit: Kordal Studio

Organic Tanguis Cotton

Hand-loomed in Peru under fairtrade conditions

Abacus Crew Knit: Kow Tow

Made from organic cotton, the scarf and jumper used in our campaign image were created by Kow Tow.

Made under fair trade certification, in ethically accredited spaces

Beanie: Patagonia

Made from recycled polyester

Made fairly and ethically under Patagonia’s incredibly transparent supply chain

Cord Knitted Sweater: Thinking Mu

Made from organic cotton

Made fairly and ethically, knitted in Barcelona

Hans Sweater: Nudie Jeans

Made from organic cotton

Made ethically in India, in workspaces audited by Fair Wear Foundation

Scarf: Naturellement Chanvre

Made from recycled cotton, organic cotton and recycled hemp

Made ethically in China, in workspaces audited by Fair Wear Foundation

Animal Liberation Victoria also endorses the (more affordable!) buying of second hand and vintage vegan jumpers, which have already been created from man made materials such as acrylic or polyester. Have a look in your local thrift store, vintage store, or on online secondhand stores like ASOS Marketplace, Depop and thredUP!

For this reason, we’ve also selected some second hand vegan knit goodies found on Depop, to inspire your hunt, below. When you hunt, make sure to ask the seller to send you a picture of the material content tag!

Please note that while these products are 100% vegan, not all of these brands are, so make sure to check materials when you shop!

Second Life Wears

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ALV hopes to show the fashion world how many people are refusing to participate in cruelty.