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Published 14 December 2023

URGENT - the Victorian Government has set up a Parliamentary Inquiry into the welfare of pigs in Victoria. YOU now have a platform to speak up for pigs. To stand beside them and say NO to the brutal existence and excruciating deaths in gas chambers we force upon them.

Animal Liberation Victoria has been speaking out for pigs its entire 45 year history. Our undercover footage of the appalling conditions in which pigs live and die has been circulated and viewed globally. We have occupied slaughterhouses, chained ourselves to pig gas chambers and held numerous protests and vigils raising awareness on the violence that’s called animal agriculture. Animals are not property, but individuals, like us.

Recently, after Farm Transparency Project’s investigation into the use of gas chambers in slaughterhouses, the Victorian Government has set up a Parliamentary Inquiry into the welfare of pigs in Victoria.

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How most pigs are slaughtered in Australia

The majority of pigs killed in Australia for food are gassed in high concentration CO2.

They spend their last moments thrashing against the walls of their gas chambers, screaming and crying from excruciating pain in their lungs, eyes, nostrils, and airways.


In 2015 Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) and ALNSW investigated three Victorian pig slaughterhouses that use the ‘best practice’ method of slaughter.  Hidden cameras were placed inside the killing ‘cradle’ which lowers the pigs into the CO2 gas. You can see the result for yourself.

The Australian pork industry has been hiding and distorting the truth for far too long, using words like “ethical” and “humane” to describe its heartless practices.

No animal needs to die for any human.

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How are pigs raised in Australia?

In the lead up to giving birth, mothers are moved into confinement, commonly known as farrowing crates. Inside this cold, concrete crate they are unable to turn their bodies around, providing teat access to her piglets through metal bars for about 28 days, while her piglets are weaned.

The inability to meet her instinctual need to create a nest for her piglets leads to severe psychological stress.

Piglet’s tails are removed without anesthetic to prevent them biting each other’s tails, a result of the cramped and barren environment they’re raised in. Other painful procedures include teeth and ear clipping and infections from the site where their tails are docked.

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What about free range farming?

Investigations by ALV into an RSPCA approved free-range farm uncovered unforgivable abuse and suffering. View this article on ALV’s freerangefraud.org  

Pigs raised free range also still end up at exactly the same abattoirs as pigs raised by conventional means, where they die horrible deaths, screaming as they are suffocated by CO2.

I'm ready to take action

Public submissions are now open for the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into pig welfare.

Don’t waste a minute to have your voice heard! Follow the easy guidelines below to either write a submission or complete the survey.

Submissions close January 12, 2024


1 Method 1 – Answer the survey (easiest option)

Simply fill out the brief survey on the Vic government website – it only takes a couple of minutes and is anonymous.

Most importantly, for question number 2, “Do you believe that animals should be killed to provide food for humans?”, please answer NO.
We need as many people as possible to show the government and the world that we don’t support the taking of animal lives.

Take the Survey


2 Method 2 – Make your own submission

An even better option is to write your own submission – this will have greater impact.

We’ve put together suggestions below on how to approach writing your own submission. When you’re ready, visit the Victorian Government’s website:

Make Your Own Submission


Suggestions for making your own submission

Below are some guidelines on how to structure your submission, as well as some important points to include:


  • Name, occupation, name of organisation (if applicable), and location.
  • Your opinion/stance on the issues being investigated by the committee in assertive language.
  • What you think is the required solution (abolition of the property status of sentient animals).


  • Key points : Brutality and lies of animal agriculture, examples of gas chambers, sow stalls, farrowing crates.
  • Key points : Plant-based alternatives, where you want your tax money to be spent.


  • Expected outcome of inquiry, re-state required solution (above).
  • Name, name of organisation (if applicable), signature, contact details


* Adapted from suggested guidelines by Farm Transparency Project

Some points to include in your submission:

  • You can reference the footage from ALV and Farm Transparency Project. Use the information we outlined at the start of this web page, or formulate your own response to what you’ve learned about how pigs are cruelly slaughtered using CO2, the use of farrowing crates, procedures without anesthetic and free range farming not being a solution.
  • No method of stunning or killing pigs is pain-free or acceptable. As ALV revealed in their free range fraud campaign, even if pigs are brought up ‘free-range’ they still end up in ghastly gas chambers before having their throats slit. Demand no more lies by the Australian pork industry. Demand a ban on gas chambers, and all slaughter of innocent pigs.
  • Sentience and intelligence of pigs, and why you don’t pay to torture and kill them for food. Killing animals for food is cruel and unnecessary.
  • Expenditure of your tax money into the brutal pork industry, and how you would rather have it spent on plant-based proteins.
  • The negative impacts of pig facilities and pig slaughterhouses. Include points such as the effects of waste pollution, smell and noise from these places on humans and community well-being.

Make Your Own Submission

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