Wild horses facing mass slaughter

Published 27 July 2022

Mares in foal and mares with foals at foot, to face a mass slaughter in August.

photo credit: Christine Mendoza, Unsplash

Scare tactics and exaggerated “evidence-based facts” are being used to prey on the public’s lack of knowledge, and gain support for Brumby eradication.

Parks Victoria have ignored offers from homes that are ready and waiting to accept wild horses, choosing cruelty over kindness.

Hunters shoot innocent horses from a distance, send dogs out to cause them further harm, and finally, the hunters approach the helpless and defenseless horses, shooting them again, causing an unnecessarily long and painful death.

Beginning in August, hunters with dogs will enter Barmah, Bogong and the Eastern Alps to shoot free ranging wild horses. Despite other alternatives to manage the issue of wild horses that don’t involve killing, such as fertility control and rehoming (which is working in New Zealand), the Victorian government has instead chosen slaughter.

Throughout several Freedom of Information documents obtained by Friends of Wild Horses Australia, there is proof that Parks Victoria (a State Government agency) is being deceitful about multiple facets of their horse shooting plan.

  • Parks Victoria and their Technical Advisory Group (TRG) can exaggerate “evidence-based facts” to gain public support for Brumby eradication
  • TRG suggested that Parks Victoria  devise “scarier” comments, one suggestion being: “should an exotic disease get into a large population, eradication would be very difficult e.g. equine influenza, exposure to bats infected with genera virus etc.” They also stated that they “might devise a scarier comment”.
  • Despite Parks Victoria (PV) claiming to adhere to SOP guidelines, the evidence shows that TRG advised PV to use multiple chest shots rather than head shots, thus exceeding SOP specifications.

You can help

1 Write to the Victorian cross bench

To help save the lives of these innocent horses, please write to the Victorian cross bench whose details you can find on this post:
Friends of Wild Horses Australia

2 The Australian Brumby Alliance

The Australian Brumby Alliance also has more information:
Australian Brumby Alliance – Website
Australian Brumby Alliance – Facebook

3 Share this post

Please share this post, and related information so we can raise awareness about this issue that has somehow managed to slip under the radar. The more people-power we have, the more likely we are to stop this senseless slaughter.

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  • 27 July 2022

    Animal Liberation is spot on with their information and we thank them for bringing this to the attention of many. The shooting plan is nothing but barbaric cruelty and must be stopped. The Victorian Auditor Generals report was scathing of Parks Victoria and Delwp for not managing the environment correctly and this includes the needless slaughter of animals such as horses .. the Report states the Government is FAILING So why continue methods that are not helping the environment? The Minister needs to answer! https://www.audit.vic.gov.au/report/protecting-victorias-biodiversity

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