Farmed fish are depressed

Published 24 March 2022

On World Day for the End of Fishing, we're launching an animation about fish who are subjected to aquaculture. 

You can also find out more on our fishtruth page, where we discuss the evidence for fish feeling pain, whether they are self-aware and that simply reducing consumption is not the answer.

It’s time to acknowledge the interests of all aquatic animals. They are sensitive and intelligent beings and can recognize other individuals, keep track of complex social relationships, and work cooperatively with other species. Salmon, for example, can remember a route of several thousand kilometres even though they have only travelled it once, and crustaceans actively avoid pain beyond the simple avoidance reflex.

Every day around the world, fishing boats and fish farms kill more than three billion aquatic animals! Their agony, which can last up to four hours on fishing boats when they are not eviscerated alive, causes terrible suffering.


What can you do?

Stop supporting the fishing industry and switch to vegan.

Try our free 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge!

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