Vegan Christmas Guide

Published 22 December 2022

Christmas, at its best, is a time to gather with loved ones and for advancing peace and goodwill.

above: Forrest enjoys the sun at ALV’s Liberation Sanctuary

But with so many animals suffering and being slaughtered in exploitative industries, the only way humans can achieve peace and goodwill is for everyone to extend their compassion towards all beings.

It can be a difficult time for those of us already vegan if family and friends choose to commemorate the day with meals that have come from violence. If there’s a chance they might be open to celebrating a compassionate Christmas, we have put together a Vegan Christmas guide for you to refer to with plenty of ideas, from what to serve as mains, sides and dessert to kind gift suggestions. Because all of us, animals and humans, deserve peace and kindness.

Vegan Christmas Guide

WATCH: Joey Carb Strong’s Christmas Survival Guide

If you’d like advice on how to cope with non-vegan friends and family at gatherings like Christmas, Joey Carbstrong has put together a survival guide with some easy and practical strategies to follow.

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