The Justice Camp action was held in 2017. You can read a news article about it, and stay updated on Facebook for any upcoming actions.

Directions and Information For Activists

Click the map above to see the location in Google Maps.

Diamond Valley Pork Pty Ltd
13 Thomas Rd, Laverton North, Victoria
December 4-9 2017

Public Transport

  • Take a train to Newport station
  • Take the 471 Sunshine Station bus
  • Get off at Pipe Road
  • Walk down Pipe Rd, turn right into Raymond Rd, then left again at Thomas Rd
  • You will arrive at your destination: 13 Thomas Rd, Laverton North

Important Information for All Participants

Thank you SO much to everyone who has signed on and given their support. People in other locations will also be fasting in solidarity. Together we will rise up for animals.

A Brief Plan for the Event

Monday and Friday are preferred days for maximum attendance. If you can be there especially at 11am on Monday December 4 that would be awesome. Of course any time or day you can visit or participate in this event is important and greatly appreciated.

When you arrive please go to the registration table which will be out the front of the Animal Liberation Victoria HQ van. Please sign in each day you are there.

Marshalls will be wearing HI-VIS orange vests. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or have any concerns at all see the marshalls. The marshalls are there to support you and your safety is their priority so please follow any instructions given. Please note that you attend at your own risk. If you are under 18 you will need to be accompanied by an adult over 18 years old. The most important ground rule is strict non-violence at all times. Anyone not following our Code of Conduct will be asked to leave.

The most important ground rule is strict non-violence at all times.

For everyone camping or sleeping in their vehicle please BYO toiletries and camping equipment. We will have a portable toilet with us and shower options are close by. Visitors are requested to use toilets at service stations if possible, to free the one toilet on location.

Please bring your own food, snacks and water bottles to avoid waste. Water will be available at the ALV headquarter van for refilling your bottles. Be aware this is a fast and a slaughterhouse, so please be respectful when eating if you are not fasting. People will be live streaming as well so please eat in a private area.

Please Note

Our basic plan is to camp around/near the slaughterhouse. The police may try to move us on, please be aware of this.

Our justice camp will follow the Gandhian principles of non-violence and non-cooperation. This means we will be peaceful and non-violent at all times – no matter what. We have told the police we will not be entering into the slaughterhouse at any time and we won’t. We will however peacefully stay nearby in solidarity with the animals. We are opposing and grieving their horrific and unjust fate and will stand strong for our right to be there near them. In this matter we will follow the rule of ‘non co-operation’.

The more people we have in attendance, the stronger our presence will be. Should we be moved on we will reassemble and come back. Keeping in mind the whole focus of this event is keeping attention on the pigs. Remember we are not alone and there are people fasting around the world in solidarity against slaughterhouses. We will stand strong to be near these innocent pigs to give them comfort and support. There is nothing illegal about that and it’s the least we can do for them. And this is how we must stand our ground.

Again, we make it quite clear we have NO intention at this action to trespass or try to enter the slaughterhouse. And through our fasting and non-violence we will put the spotlight on the pigs and the commitment and dedication of those camping on site. It is important our actions never alienate public support.

We will try to stop the trucks for short periods and we’re sure over the duration of the week this will happen.

Our most important aim above all is to keep the focus on the pigs/all animals suffering in slaughterhouses, and our non-violent determination to stop it. We will be the opposite of what is happening inside these godforsaken horrible slaughter factories – we will be peaceful, nonviolent and helpful people but standing in strength – resolute and determined to stop the violence inside.

Thank you all so much for being there for those in great need!

Important Health Warning

All participants who are considering fasting must read this.

We recommend anyone who is considering fasting consult with their medical practitioner if they have any concerns. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are elderly or a minor, sick, undergoing medical treatment or have any history of eating disorders, diabetes or blood sugar issues please DO NOT participate in the fasting aspect of this event.

It is important that you remain hydrated, water will be provided but please ensure you have adequate fluids for the duration.

Fasting is not a requirement of this event, please only do so if you are in good health and adequately prepared to do so. If at any time during your fast you are concerned about your health please break your fast and consult a medical practitioner.