Help Baby Goats

You've seen the reality of goat dairy farming and are opposed to its inherent violence, here's what you can do to help.

1 Ask companies who profit from animal abuse to stop using goat’s milk

Over the coming months we will be contacting companies who sell goat’s milk products to let them know about this inherently cruel industry. Within hours of launching the campaign we had our first victory with  Miranda Kerr and her company KORA Organics announcing they were dropping dairy. We are now asking ecostore to stop profiting from the slaughter of baby goats.

Send ecostore a message

Encourage them to stop profiting from animal abuse by removing their goats milk products, and commit to never using dairy again.

2 Live cruelty free

There are plenty of vegan alternatives to milk, cheese, yoghurt, soap, moisturiser, skincare and other products from goats, as well as cows and other animals. We’ve made a list of some of the best alternatives. Check them out now! We also encourage you to sign up for our free 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge, to start living a more compassionate and earth friendly life.