Wins For The Goats!

With your help, we're asking brands to choose kindness and drop their goat's milk products.

Following the release of our Goat Truth campaign, which for the first time showed the world baby goats being legally bludgeoned to death with a metal pole, we decided to ask companies to stop supporting this violence. Here’s who’s made the change so far.

Miranda Kerr and her brand, KORA Organics

The brand run by Miranda Kerr previously had one product made from goat’s milk: an Unscented Cleansing Bar.

In less than 24 hours after the launch of, Miranda Kerr’s company Kora Organics has removed goat’s milk from their range.

Here’s what they said about it:

‘Kora Organics would never condone this appalling treatment of animals. We have no knowledge of our suppliers ever engaging in this behavior. Nevertheless, our only product that contained goat milk is a soap and it has been discontinued.’

Thank you so much to all of you who helped make this happen.

But our work isn’t done!

There are more brands using goat’s milk in their products, and we need your support to do this all over again! Please ask ecostore to dump dairy.

Send ecostore a message

Encourage them to stop profiting from animal abuse by removing their goats milk products, and commit to never using dairy again.