Meet Our Stallholders

Here is a list of our Stallholders for the Spring Vegan Festival!


The Australian Natural Soap Company
Australia is blessed with some of the world’s best natural oils. The Australian Natural Soap Company use our own special soap making process to bring these incredible ingredients to your bathroom.

Bella Belle Nail Couture
No ordinary nail polish! All products are 100% vegan, you can feel confident using them on you & your families without worrying about too many nasty chemicals being absorbed into your bodies.

Raw Kaya Organics
Raw Kaya is about many things, and yet, quite simply is about making a difference – a difference in your skincare and beauty routine; a difference to the environment, and all living things.

Florence + Myrtle
Soy candles, vegan soaps and bath bombs.


Indigo Luna 
INDIGO LUNA is hand-created Yoga Wear & Swimwear, imagined by three people on the Australian coastal town of Torquay, inspired & brought to life on the magical island of Bali. Our goal is to make beautiful wares for yoga that are down to earth, eco-friendly and affordable.

Merry People 
Australian designed gumboots and rainwear. We empower you to embrace all outside adventures. To feel one’s most confident and happy self – ESPECIALLY if it is wild and stormy outside.

SCARLETT vegan bags
Handbags, wallets, scarves, jewellery and vegan cookbooks.

Vegan Style 
Since its creation in 2010, Vegan Style has united mindful shoppers with the ethical fashion brands they love. We recognise that it’s possible to express yourself through what you wear, without having to compromise your conscience.

Mainly fashion (clothing, bags, wallets & accessories) + a bit of beauty products and our own soy candles label.


Ace Cookies
Never leave home without a cookie in hand, GF/DF/SUG FREE/ORG, Melbourne baked.

Andi’s Really Healthy Chocolate 
Delicious organic vegan chocolate made with love! There are 3 flavours Cranberry & Macadamia, Peppermint and Wild Orange packaged in boxes. Each chocolate bar has an inspiring quote written by someone in the community doing great things!

A Vegan Smiles
AVS Organic Foods (A Vegan Smiles) is a business based in Victoria Australia that creates non-dairy cheeses and creams as well as other tasty foods that are animal free. AVS Organic Foods is a strong advocate for animal welfare.

Babou Juice
At Babou, we believe being healthy shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice. If you simply focus on adding the right things (fruits and veggies), rather than feeling like you have to give everything up, it’s much easier to make good choices.

Bomba Wood Fired Pizza
Friendly, passionate, conscious foodies. We source high quality ingredients & serve delicious wood fired pizza! ​Plant based and made from scratch, Bomba brings good vibes offering a delicious vegan catering service at events, markets, festivals and functions in and around Melbourne.

The Compassionate Kitchen 
The Compassionate Kitchen are launching their new range of Compassionate Threads t-shirts, hoodies, aprons and tea towels plus a small selection of TCK baked goods

Dolly’s Addiction (Simply Vegan Cuisine) 
Dolly’s Addiction is a new arm to Simply Vegan Cuisine serving coffees and slushies – totally 100% vegan and sustainable. $1 for every coffee sold will be donated to ALV.

Golden Grind 
Golden Grind is your premium turmeric brand, bringing you easy, innovative and proven ways to use and consume more turmeric everyday! Golden Grind’s range of products allow you to get the full benefits of turmeric that will improve your overall wellbeing.

  Hamsa Hummus bar and Vegan Shawarma 
We are a hummus bar and vegan shawarma (middle eastern kabab) stall. We offer a variety of hummus plates, salad and shawarma (made from seitan) in pita bread.

Herbivore Eatery
Fresh, healthy food and great customer service. Burgers, Falafels and Wraps.

Khatta Meetha
The team at Khatta Meetha loves sharing Indian Vegan foods like Samosa Dosa (this is very popular South India dish), Indian Wraps, and Gulab Jamun (this is a very popular Indian dessert).

Lady Rawsome
Yummy raw desserts, unique and delicious.

The Lemonade Cart 
Melbourne’s newest vintage style mobile drinks cart. Serving up Fresh Homemade Real Lemonade on tap. Its tart and tasty, just like Granny use to make.

Matcha Mylkbar 
Matcha Mylkbar – Specialty matcha beverages – helping the earth survive so that you can thrive.
Banks – Vegan Bakery Bar. Creating plant based pastries that rival any traditional pastries around.

Medita Chocolates
Medita Chocolates aims to provide beautiful, decadent chocolates made with pure ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Nutrition Darling (Smoothie Bombs)
Our Smoothie Bombs are made using the highest quality, ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients. We never compromise on this because we wouldn’t put any less into our own bodies!

The Pham Sisters Vietnamese Vegan
Vietnamese Vegan Food Stall

Plant Pasta 
We are a Plant Based Pasta Co. Offering handmade chickpea pasta which is 100% Vegan, Gluten Free and Gum Free. We sell our pasta loose. This helps to reduce unnecessary plastic and cardboard packaging.

Rye Chai 
RYE CHAI is hand-crafted in small batches to create a soul-soothing brew that evokes the relaxed and beachy vibe of the Mornington Peninsula.


Six Parallels South
Our goal is to provide the vegan and kosher market with the same quality wine available to the non-kosher market at the same price.

We specialise in making delicious, healthy desserts that are vegan, additive-free, gluten-free, raw and paleo. Our desserts also have no refined sugar.

Vegan Perfection 
Our mission is to spread the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to the Australian population by introducing innovative and superior quality vegan products to the market.

Vegilicious will be completely vegan just in time for the Spring Vegan Festival! We will be offering Organic Marinated Tofu Veggie Stir Fry w/ Quinoa and Fresh Salad Okonomiyaki Japanese Pancakes w/ Sweet Soy, Tofu Mayo, Pickled Ginger and Sesame Seaweed Famous Vegilicious Combo Extravaganza Plate w/ Stir Fry, Okonomiyaki, Salads and Sauces Polenta Chips.

Von’s Vegan Bake House 
Von’s Vegan Bake House is a locally owned vegan business that is 100% own and operated. Showcasing tasty and decadent products that are local, seasonal and 100% plant based. Von’s uses minimal packaging, and without the use of animal products, demonstrating that a small business can be ethical, environmental and cruelty free.

Vusion Eatery
Our typical offerings include:  Pho, Bun Bo Xao (Warm Vermicelli Noodle Salad w/ Lemongrass “Beef”), Homemade Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Steamed BBQ “Pork” Buns, Vietnamese Iced Coffee.

Woking Amazing
100% vegan Asian street food.

100% vegan pies, pastries, lasagne, and our super popular marinated vegan feta!


The Cruelty Free Shop
The Cruelty Free Shop is Australia’s favourite purveyor of everything vegan. We bring you the widest range of vegan products including food, health, fashion, beauty, and household items.

Larrykin Dog Treats
My dog treats are home-made, human grade, healthy and vegan. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Our new brand is focused on using the gifts & wisdom of nature as a way of healing ourselves, helping the planet, saving animals & encouraging & supporting an overall friendly lifestyle with a focus on awareness of the footprint our choices make on our planet. It’s green, it’s friendly, it’s empathetic, to the feelings of animals & the future of our earth.

Northcote Natural Therapies
Skincare, organic tea blends, natural products.

Prana On 
Introducing PranaOn, premium quality all vegan, natural protein powder and fitness nutrition made with plant based, organic, gluten free and vegan friendly superfood ingredients.

  Rohz Soy Candles
100% natural soy wax. It’s biodegradable and free from pesticides & herbicides, non GM material, Kosher certified, manufactured using pure soy beans and contains no petroleum (paraffin waxes)

Soul Stories 
Art creations – gift cards, prints, framed originals, wall hanging, sculptures, limited edition eco tote, limited edition eco mindful mat.

The Vegan Box
The easiest way to discover the best new cruelty free brands, and healthy products. Delivered straight to your door, it’s your monthly box of kindness.

Vegan Kids Magazine 
Kids are a really important part of the vegan community! Vegan Kids Magazine aims to educate, empower and create a sense of community with vegan kids to make them feel that they are part of an inclusive club no matter where they are on their vegan journey.

Not For Profit

Animal Justice Party 
The purpose of the AJP is to run in council, state and federal elections with the intent of winning seats and changing legislation to stop animal cruelty.

Animal Liberation Victoria 
ALV has been saving lives for over 35 years. Just as we reject racism, sexism, ageism, ableism and heterosexism, we also reject speciesism. We believe all sentient beings, regardless of species, are not the property of others.

Beagle Freedom Australia
Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find homes for beagles as well as any other animal used in laboratory research. Beagles are generally the most popular breed for lab use because of their friendly and trusting, temperaments.

Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary 
Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit Farm Sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is set on 153 peaceable acres situated just outside of Lancefield, nestled in the tranquillity of the Macedon Ranges.

Futuro Vega*Pop
My original framed artwork, t-shirts, bags and badges.

Humane Research Australia
Humane Research Australia is a non profit organisation that challenges the use of animals in research and teaching, and promotes the use of more humane and scientifically valid non-animal alternatives.

Melbourne Sheep, Cow, Chicken and Goat Save groups
Information about the animal food industries and veganism, pamphlets, tshirts, merchandise etc.

The Orangutan Project
The Orangutan Project was formed with a key mission; to ensure that endangered wild orangutan species would be protected against extinction, and would continue to live in secure populations for generations to come.

The Rainforest Project 
We are a Melbourne based environmental not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and creating action around rainforest and environmental conservation here in Victoria, Australia and abroad.

Sea Shepherd Australia 
Sea Shepherd Australia is a non-profit conservation organisation whose mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Soi Dog Australia
Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dog) was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand, to help the street dogs and cats who had no-one else to care for them.

The Uproar Vegan Store
The home of low cost high qual­i­ty ve­g­an goodies. All pro­ceeds go­ di­rect­ly to­wards help­ing an­i­mals!

Victorian Lamb Rescue
We aim to raise funds to help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home orphaned and abandoned lambs. Whom due to inadequate and incompetent farming practices, would otherwise die slow and painful deaths knowing nothing but fear in their short lives.