Animal Liberation Victoria claims pigs suffer horrific deaths when killed using carbon dioxide

Published 7 December 2015

A TWO-YEAR undercover investigation by animal activists reveals shocking footage on the widespread practice of killing pigs by carbon dioxide.

Animal activists release ‘pig truth’ footage

Three Victorian abattoirs are at the centre of animal abuse allegations highlighted in the video that activists claim shows what really happens when pigs are lowered into “gas chambers”.

Animal activists have this morning chained themselves to the Diamond Valley Pork abattoir in Laverton and say they plan to block trucks transporting pigs.

Police have been negotiating with protesters who have been on the roof and chained to a pig run inside the property since about 2am.

The abattoir says on its website that it is export and RSPCA accredited, and activists agree the business’ processes are considered “best practice”.

Most pigs in Australia are killed by carbon dioxide. But Animal Liberation Victoria says the public is being fooled into thinking that pigs “gently fall asleep”.

By Andrea Hamblin, Herald Sun » Full Story

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