This event has now passed. You can read about the 2018 Spring Vegan Festival and stay up to date on Facebook for future events.

We have a huge line-up of talent for you, with insightful guest speakers, music and entertainment, activities for kids, talks and workshops.


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Schedule Breakdown

With Deejae Moccodile and MC Rohan Haggart.


Welcome to country and opening (15min)


Main Stage:  Skye Brown

Talks:  The Unlikely Activist – From Butcher to Vegan (15 mins + Q&A) with James Persson

Workshop:  Bliss yoga and meditation (45 mins) with Paras:

Start the festival with a dose of Bliss Yoga with Paras. Paras’s classes are energising, uplifting and deeply relaxing. Focusing on bringing balance and harmony to the body, mind and soul, and allowing positive mental and physical health to become a part of every day lives. There will be an added Essence of India inspired by Paras’s recent return from her advanced yoga teacher training in India. This Bliss Yoga class will be a fusion of Yoga Flow, Yin, and Meditation allowing the energy to move in the body, and deep relaxation for peacefulness and vitality for the day ahead.

You can catch classes with Paras at Yogaharta in Seaford, and festivals promoting Vegansim. https://www.facebook.com/tribeoneheartbeat

Note: Please bring your own yoga mat or towel to this class if you wish to attend. Limited matts will be available.


Talks:  Vegan Business & Media – Making the Most of Free Publicity
(10 mins) with Katrina Fox


Talks:  Vegans in the Limelight – Media Panel (30 mins):

MC: Katrina Fox

Panelists: Andrew Taylor from Spud Fit, Jaime Hall from Messy Veggies, Nadia Holmes from The Chefs Line / The Road Not Taken


Main Stage:  Casey Martin (Run Rabbit Run)


Talks:  Vegan Entrepreneurs Creating Change – Business Panel (30-40 mins):

MC: Katrina Fox

Panelists: Justin Mead from Vegan Style, Rebecca Ettridge from Wombat Cafe and Store, Bree Gaudette from Hello Friends Food / Love Bree Photography, Pana Barbounis from Pana Chocolate


Main Stage:  Prana On

Workshop:  Cooking workshops (60mins):

Silvia from @Silvobeat: Silvia, or as her friends call her Silvo, is a driver trainer by day, but in her spare time her beat is showing people how satisfying and delicious a plant-based diet can be! If you’re already vegan, you’ll find new and exciting ways to eat your favourite plants with her simple and creative vegan recipes. Her goal is to inspire you to eat more delicious plants―wherever you are on your journey. Find her at: www.silvobeat.com and www.instagram.com/silvobeat

Jolene from Wombat Café and Store: Jolene is a traditionally trained chef with over 20 years experience and had spent most of her career traveling and working in remote and beautiful places around Australia. Although these were wonderful experiences she felt her values and career didn’t match so she followed her heart and switched to being an all vegan chef. Returning to her hometown on the Mornington Peninsula was delighted to find a vegan cafe had just recently opened. She has been at Wombat cafe ever since and loves showing people how easy it is to make all food plant based.

Nadia Holmes from The Road Not Taken: Nadia Holmes first went vegan 17 years ago and loves sharing her passion for veganising traditional dishes through her blog and social media pages The Road Not Taken. Most recently her ingenuity at adapting Italian cuisine led her to competing on the SBS reality TV cooking show, The Chefs’ Line. When Nadia is not delving into foodie adventures or running a cooking class, she is a school teacher and writer, with travel articles featured in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine and Vegan Travel.


Main Stage:  Pear

Talks:  Young Voices – Catalysts for Change (30 mins):

MC: Dilan Fernando

Panelists: Ambali (Yu Xuan) Peh, Megan Schneck from Young Voices For Animals Catalyst Program


Main Stage:  Courtney Jaros (dance)

Talks:  Young Activists – Vegan Youth Panel (30 mins):

MC: Dr Ash Nayate

Panelists: Harley McDonald-Eckersall from YVA, Kyle McKinnon from Animal Liberation Youth, Oli Davenport from Dominion Movement, Nyah Shahab from Melbourne Youth for Refugees


Workshops:  Vegan Nutrition 101 (30 mins) with Candace Borg BHSc (Naturopathy), BSc (BioMedicine):

Candace is a highly qualified practitioner and has a broad knowledge of nutrition. With degrees in both Biomedical Science and Health Science Candace has the capacity to assess health from both a medical and naturopathic perspective. In her practice she uses a range of herbal and nutritional medicine and lifestyle counselling, to address both simple and more complex health issues.


Main Stage:  Serenity


Talks:  Vystopia – Stress Strategies for Animal Advocates (30 mins) with Clare Mann


Main Stage:  Lara Prokop (part 1)


Workshops:  Creating Zero Waste with Joshua Moore (15 mins):

Joshua’s number one goal is to reduce the amount of single use plastics that end up in the natural ecosystem and food chain by educating and motivating people away from single use plastics.


Main Stage: 40 Years of Animal Liberation Victoria (30 mins) with Patty Mark


Main Stage:  Lara Prokop (part 2)


Talks:  Healthy Inside + Out – Mental & Physical Health Panel  (45 mins):

MC: Lucy Stegley (Doctors For Nutrition / Raw Events Australia)

Panelists: Clare Mann, Dr Ash Nayate, Dr Helen Voronina, Isobelle Woodruff

Workshops:  Starting a Vegan Business- Need to Knows (60 mins) with Katrina Fox & Rebecca Ettridge:

Katrina Fox is an award-winning journalist, PR consultant, founder of VeganBusinessMedia.com, host of Vegan Business Talk podcast and author of Vegan Ventures: Start and Grow an Ethical Business, the first global book providing success strategies for aspiring and existing vegan business owners. She has written extensively for niche and mainstream media for 17 years on animal advocacy and ethical business and is a regular Forbes contributor specialising in writing about vegan and plant-based businesses. Katrina teaches vegan business owners how to do their own PR and get free media coverage through her signature online course and group coaching program Vegans in the Limelight. She loves glitter, bling and disco. www.veganbusinessmedia.com

Rebecca Ettridge, against the advice of many, decided to create Wombat Cafe, the Mornington Peninsula’s first vegan cafe & Store. Since opening its doors October 2016, the cafe has been a roaring success. Hear Rebecca’s story of taking a blank space and turning it into a thriving business that now employs a team of ten.


Main Stage:  All Truism (Lite)


Talks:  Vegainz – Fitness Panel (45mins):

MC: Jeremy Evans (PranaOn)

Panelists: Mike Case, James Doney, Emma Seiteri, Joel Kirkilis


Main Stage:  Cassie Hope


Main Stage:  Tommy Castles