Henry's Story

Henry is one of the lucky ones. He was found by a rescuer as he wandered around his dead mother.

She had died during the birth of his twin brother, unfortunately he didn’t make it out and both mum and second lamb would have died an excruciating death. This paddock is unmarked and there are no houses or farmers there to help these ewes birth, and no one to call for assistance.

Often in twin and triplet births a lamb will die, there is also an increased risk to the mother ewe as she struggles in the harsh winter conditions to feed and mother her young lambs. This story is not isolated, a staggering 10-15 million lambs die each year within 48 hours of birth.

Henry is a tiny 2.7kg and needs constant warmth because he can not regulate his own temperature. He would have died if left in the paddock alone. There are millions of other lambs dying right now in the paddocks of Victoria.

Henry is now safe with foster carers and will find his place safely in a sanctuary when he is old enough.

His foster brother Sammy will be there to guide him.

Every year in Australia an almost unbelievable 10 to 15 million newborn lambs die of starvation, neglect and exposure within 48 hours of birth ยป Learn More

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15 June 2017

Henry is absolutely thriving! He has more than tripled in size since coming into foster care.

Henry is an extremely cheeky lamb. His mission in life is to get into the things that he’s not allowed to such as the veggie garden. It fills him with delight to get into the spring the onions and he shakes his head and does giant happy pronks as he’s chased away.

RESCUED 18 May 2017