Sammy the Lammy's Story

Sammy was destined for a short and lonely life. Found shivering alone in a field, his tail had been painfully and slowly severed by a rubber band. He had been separated from his mother at just a few weeks old, even though natural weaning time for a sheep is around six months.

When rescuers found him on a bitterly cold Melbourne night, he was freezing and had no access to milk or water. Barely able to stand Sammy was searching near and far for his mother, but it was clear he was all alone. His situation was becoming dire.

Rescuers saved Sammy and took him into care. He will be raised in a loving home by experienced lamb foster carers before living out his natural life at a sanctuary where he will be free to roam. Best of all he’ll have friends of his own species. He will never have to be alone again.

Every year in Australia an almost unbelievable 10 to 15 million newborn lambs die of starvation, neglect and exposure within 48 hours of birth » Learn More

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15 June 2017

Sammy is one of the most well-behaved lambs I’ve ever looked after! He’s so chill and happy all of the time. He loves hanging out with his best friend Henry and hardly ever bleats.

Sammy has doubled in weight since coming into care. His favourite past time is gardening. He loves getting out there and pruning all our shrubs and the grass! Sometimes we wonder if he thinks he’s a goat because he climbs and jumps into high places just to eat our blackberry bushes.

RESCUED 16 May 2017