Pledge To Go Leather Free!

Cows are thinking, feeling beings. Pledge to wear kind, vegan materials, instead of their skin.

When we buy leather, we financially support the slaughter of cows. We also greatly impact the environment around us.

If you haven’t already seen our Leather Truth campaign video, you’ll meet Strongheart and other rescued cows, alongside ambassador DJ Tigerlily, who tells us about the leather industry, what it means for cows, and what we can wear instead.

Learn more about leather, or pledge to go leather free, below.

Pledge to go leather-free

Ethical fashion does not involve paying for the slaughter of animals. By entering a few details below, you can commit to a kinder world and pledge to say 'no' to leather when you shop!

As thanks, we'll send you an e-mail containing discount codes for leather-free products from vegan brands, as well as further information to help you on your way.

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