Leather Free Accessories

There is no reason to wear the skin of a dead cow or any animal, when there are so many alternatives!

If you don’t know already, find out what’s wrong with leather.

At ALV, we are against all forms of exploitation. For this reason, the vegan products listed here are all made ethically, considering the well being of those who made them. Products manufactured ethically are more expensive, because people are being paid a fair wage.

Keep scrolling too, to see what Animal Liberation Victoria thinks of vegan second hand shopping – a more affordable, and very sustainable option.

Please note this is not an advertisement. We just love compassionate clothing!


This fully vegan brand creates bags made from Forest Stewardship Council certified cork.

Cork trees are harvested without them being cut down, as their bark is removed every few years without damaging the tree.

Made ethically in Portugal.

DJ Tigerlily wore this belt in our campaign video!

Time IV Change

This Australian business creates watches with vegan straps made from materials including Piñatex, and eco-suede made from recycled vegan materials.

Made ethically in Hong Kong.

DJ Tigerlily wore a watch from this label in our campaign video!

HFS Collective

This wallet is made of natural, plant-based raffia and is lined with eco-suede (a high-performance, eco-friendly textile that’s as soft as suede and made from recycled plastic bottles)

Locally handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Alchemy Goods

This brand works with up cycled materials, including bike tubing, which can be seen here made into a belt!

Made ethically in Seattle


This vegan brand is Bangkok, Thailand based, and creates their bags from ‘leaf leather’, made from fallen leaves which are coated in a resin.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

This belt is made by a vegan and carbon neutral company. The material is a PU made from bio oils sourced from organic cereals grown in the Netherlands.

Ethically made in Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law

Second Hand Treasures

Animal Liberation Victoria also endorses the (more affordable!) buying of second hand and vintage vegan ‘leather’ products, which have already been created from man made materials. Have a look in your local thrift store, vintage store, or on online secondhand stores like ASOS Marketplace, Depop and thredUP!

We’ve selected some second hand shoes found through searching ‘vegan leather belt’ (etc.) on Depop, to inspire your hunt, below. When you hunt, make sure to ask the seller to send you a picture of the material content tag!

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