Ask ecostore To Stop Profiting From Slaughter

Less than 24 hours after the launch of Miranda Kerr's company KORA Organics has removed goat milk from their range! We are now asking ecostore to stop profiting from the slaughter of baby goats.

ecostore’s website claims that ‘Goat’s milk is an animal product that does not cause harm to the animal.’ This is absolutely false. Goats milk kills goat babies.

ecostore has plenty of vegan options and is proudly animal testing free. With only two products containing goat’s milk, it should be easy for them to make the kind choice to discontinue their goat’s milk products.

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Encourage them to stop profiting from animal abuse by removing their goats milk products, and commit to never using dairy again.

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Here is a copy of the open letter Animal Liberation Victoria sent to ecostore

Dear ecostore,

We at Animal Liberation Victoria deeply appreciate that ecostore cares about animals. It’s wonderful to see that your company is free from animal testing, and that the vast majority of products are vegan.

However, it cannot be said that your brand is truly cruelty free, so long as you are selling soaps made from goat’s milk

Like all mothers, goats produce milk only to feed their baby. Newborn babies are separated from their mothers so their milk can be used by humans.

The baby boys will never produce milk, so are considered ‘wastage’. It is completely legal, even in Australia, for these newborn boys to be killed by blunt forced trauma, such as being bludgeoned to death in the head with a metal pole.

Animal Liberation Victoria recently released world-first footage of this, as well as more information, at, and we believe that as a company which supports this violence with your products, it is imperative for you to watch this.

Please commit ecostore to being a truly cruelty free company by removing your goat milk products and pledging to ditch dairy.

Thank you for your time

Animal Liberation Victoria