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Every year Animal Liberation Victoria rescuers and foster carers save the lives of newborn lambs. Many are orphaned as their mums are too sick to survive the birth, or are taken away to be slaughtered leaving their babies behind. The lambs are often on the brink of death, freezing cold, starving, weak, sometimes injured or partially crippled. The lambs and their carers desperately need your help!


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A sachet of electrolytes and Nutrigel- critical for lambs when first rescued and needing an immediate boost to keep them alive.


A week’s worth of nappies – because little lambs need to be kept warm inside, and they poo and wee A LOT!


Colostrum for an orphaned lamb, which is critical for a newborn who never got to drink any of their mum’s milk.


Bottles, lamb-specific teats, grass hay, jumpers and heaters for our carers to feed and raise their foster babies with.


A tub of probiotics for all our foster carers to use to restore the balance in the lambs’ tummies when they’re unwell – this has saved many lives!


A bag of formula to feed one lamb until s/he is weaned.


A vet visit and antibiotics.


Desexing (males), vaccination and worming which is essential for all our lambs before they go to their forever homes


Saves a life! this will cover the cost of raising one little lamb until they are weaned and ready to go to their forever home.

Donate Goods

The lamb carers also need certain items which you may have or may wish to buy for them. Here is a list of the current items they need:

  • blankets
  • nappies
  • teats
  • bottles
  • formula
  • grass hay
  • sheep pellets
  • kitchen scales
  • play pens
  • animal scales
  • critical care items such as: nutrigel, protexin and colostrum

If you are able to donate any of these items, please email us at: