These are the forgotten mothers, confined in metal crates on filthy floors, with not even enough room to turn around...

Shining a light on the forgotten mothers...

To coincide with Mother’s Day we are releasing a video investigation into the forgotten mothers, those who endure years of suffering as part of the pig industry.

For the past few months, we have investigated and documented the living conditions of sows on typical Australian pig farms. Forced to breed from the age of 5 months old, these mothers give birth and raise their children in tiny metal crates, which do not allow them the freedom to even turn around.

They make every attempt to nurse their babies, who will after a few weeks be taken from them to be raised for slaughter. When this happens the mother will be impregnated once again, and the cycle will repeat.

Finally, after years of suffering and multiple litters, the pig industry will deem she is no longer profitable. She will be trucked to the slaughterhouse, where so many of her children died before her.

Honour a mother this Mother’s Day, and every day. Visit, or scroll down to learn how you can extend your kindness to all mothers.

A Mother's Life Cycle
Mother pigs give birth and nurse their children in a metal crate
Her babies are taken from her to be raised for meat. They will be slaughtered when they are just six months old
When her usefulness ends, she is also sent to the slaughterhouse. One of her daughters will take her place


Honour a Mother

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