The new edition of the Vegan Easy booklet has just launched.

This powerful and eye opening guide clearly makes the argument for veganism – for the sake of animals, the environment, and human wellbeing.

The 32 page booklet has been redesigned with information fully updated to reflect the contemporary reality of animal industries. We’ve also included a new section on how human rights are impacted by animal exploitation, including climate change refugees and the safety and mental health risks to slaughterhouse workers and their families.

Over the last decade we have distributed hundreds of thousands of Vegan Easy booklets around Australia, helping countless people go vegan and saving the lives of countless animals. It is free for all and available at vegan cafes and bookstores, as well as handed out by groups nationwide during regular outreach events.

Having trouble locating a copy?

  • Ask your local vegan cafe to get in contact with us and we’ll happily supply them
  • You can view and download a PDF version
  • Head over to the Uproar Vegan Store and add one to your cart – the booklet is free and just $2 to cover postage
  • If you represent a group or event and would like to distribute Vegan Easy booklets please fill out the request form and we’ll send them out to you

The Vegan Easy Website and 30 Day Challenge

The new Vegan Easy booklet is designed as a companion piece to the Vegan Easy website and 30 Day Vegan Easy Challenge, where people new to veganism can follow a structured 30 day program of recipes and tips to help kickstart their journey toward a kinder, greener life.

If you haven’t visited the Vegan Easy website, you’ll find

  • A curated collection of vegan recipes
  • Information and advice for vegan parents and their families
  • Health advice and meal planning
  • The Eating Out guide, a comprehensive list of Australian vegan restaurants, cafes and supermarkets
  • Everyday Vegans, profiles of people living a compassionate life
  • Vegan Cheat Sheet, an ever growing list of vegan products and where to find them
  • and much more!
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  • 2 June 2018
    Vanessa vanderpoll

    Looking forward to reading this and handing these out to my family and friends

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