The Easiest Way To Support ALV Yet!

abillionveg is an app where you can rate and review any vegan meal you have at any restaurant, any vegan product from the supermarket, any vegan cosmetics, clothing, shoes or accessories you buy.

The best thing about abillionveg is that for every ten reviews that include a photo, you get 10 credits, equal to $10 US Dollars, which you can donate to an animal rights organisation or sanctuary! This is an amazing way to give back to animals just while going about your daily life!

We are incredibly excited to share that as of August 1, Animal Liberation Victoria will be the first Australian animal rights organisation to be supported by abillionveg.

We Have A Mission For You!

In order for us to stay on the abillionveg app after August, we need 1,000 reviews tagged with #alv before the end of August. Every 1,000 reviews means $1,000 USD for ALV. If we reach this goal, we’ll stay permanently as one of the animal organisations you can donate to through the app.

Add #alv to all your reviews

Please download the abillionveg app and start reviewing!

Find the app on the App Store and Google Play!

The food you eat when you go out, the food in your pantry, the tooth paste, moisturiser or deodorant you use – anything vegan! Please make sure to use #alv in your reviews so they can be counted.

Important note: please don’t redeem your points until the end of August (this normally doesn’t matter, it’s just for this month’s challenge), and when you do, please donate it to us!

Donations will go towards:

– Rescuing sick, dying, abandoned and orphaned animals

– Running Liberation Sanctuary, home to almost 100 rescued animals

– Our campaigns exposing exploitation and promoting freedom for all animals

– Our work promoting veganism through and our free Vegan Easy booklets

Please share this page and get as many people on board as you can! We only need 100 caring people to make 10 reviews to reach our goal! Being on this app and potentially receiving regular donations, not at the expense of our supporters would help us hugely in not only continuing our work but strengthening it too.

Thank you as always for your support!