Animal Liberation Education

Animal Liberation Victoria offers engaging and professional presentations for schools across Victoria. Our presentations are not graphic and encourage students to think critically, highlighting the relationship between human and non-human animals.

What are ALV Education Talks?

Animal Liberation Victoria is committed to abolishing animal exploitation, and educating the general public about animal rights and veganism. We are aware this can be an uncomfortable topic as it challenges societal norms and belief systems. Rather than dogmatically preaching to students, we present them with information and assist them to reach their own conclusions.

While spreading the message of animal liberation is important to us, we approach this issue with a friendly, engaging, considerate and understanding demeanour. Graphic pictures/footage and strongly worded objectives are NOT present in any ALV education talk, as our aim is to encourage students to think more critically about global issues and to support their progress in finding their own identity.

Our key topics include:

  • Introduction to Animal Liberation Victoria & previous campaigns
  • Treatment of animals
  • Human Health
  • Environmental effects of animal agriculture

We are very flexible on presenting topics and can tailor our presentations to suit your school’s needs.

Our Team

Chris Mylonas holds a BA in Physical Education (Secondary) and is currently studying an MA of Secondary Teaching. Chris’s teaching specialties include physical education, health and psychology, and he aims to incorporate the importance of animal liberation during his teaching practice. In recent years Chris has given many educational talks at numerous schools with other not-for-profit organisations. Chris is passionate about social justice issues, including animal rights, and encouraging young people to think critically about their daily choices.

Elysa Tancheff holds a BA in Physical Education (Secondary) and is currently studying an MA of Secondary Teaching. Elysa’s teaching specialties include physical education and music. Elysa has formally managed an education program for another not-for-profit organisation, providing her with previous experience delivering educational talks at schools. She is passionate about advocating for animal rights, protecting the environment and helping others to do the same

To arrange a presentation at your school please contact:

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