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Rescue Team

Animal Liberation Victoria supports and manages the Animal Rescue Team which is the worlds first open rescue and investigation group, formed in 1993. Commited activists routinely save the lives of unattended and neglected animals who are left sick and dying in factory farms. Rescue team members also document (with video footage and photographs) the conditions for animals in factory farms, feedlots, live export and abattoirs.

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The Ones Left Behind - OPENRESCUE
by Patty Mark

19 March 2012

Openrescue is an act of peaceful civil disobedience that involves breaking laws in order to give aid and rescue to individuals who are neglected and in peril.  It is also all about opening - whether it's a door, a gate, a cage or a mindset. The other imperative is innocent lives are at risk, individuals who are defenceless or unable to help themselves.  To be an Openrescue activist one's passion for justice and non-violence must override fear. Fear of breaking unjust 'laws' and the consequences to oneself that may follow. Though Openrescue may involve incarceration, there is an unparalleled sense of freedom when one steps up to help someone else who is imprisoned, tormented, tortured, abused, sick or dying.

It's not easy, especially when the victims are animals and legally considered 'property' and possessions of the human species. The animal rights movement is working to abolish the property status of animals and until this is achieved Openrescue activists could be called the underground SES (State Emergency Services). In reality we are doing exactly what the dedicated workers at the SES do, working hard to help others in dire need.

But when Openrescue activists go into action it becomes 'trespass and theft'.  We put ourselves at personal risk to help sick, neglected and suffering animals. Countless animals who are ignored and/or denied by those who have total control over their lives.  To engage in these altruistic rescues after all else fails exhibits integrity and empathy, both traits that should be fostered in our humanity, not criminalized.

Openrescue activists are out on a precipice, dropping lifelines to countless animals who are locked away out of sight and mind in a black hole of human servitude.

If you can't be on the precipice with us you can still help - you can anchor our life line with your moral support and solidarity. And most importantly your pledge to be on the animals' side - their trusted ally always.  And that means not using or killing them for food, fashion, entertainment or experiments.

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