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Patty Mark's address for NZ Animal Rights Conference, July 2011
In her video address to the New Zealand AR conference held in July, Patty covers ALV’s beginnings, Openrescue and promoting the compassionate, vegan lifestyle.

Openrescue in Solidarity with the Spanish 12, 28 June 2011
During the early hours of Tuesday June 28, ALV, alongside Uproar and Chris DeRose (Last Chance for Animals) carried out an Openrescue in solidarity with the Spanish 12. Read more...

ALV Rooftop Protest at Egg Factory, 4 May 2011

Channel Ten News coverage of the rooftop protest and rescue footage taken in the lead up to the portest. Read the full report here...

Coco and Chloe's Rescue and Recovery, 2010 / 2011

We're happy to announce that the two very ill piglets rescued from a pig factory by ALV / UPROAR on December 4, 2010 have not only survived but continue to improve every day. Coco, a two week old piglet who was found dragging her two back legs along the metal floor with one knee joint swollen to the size of an orange is now walking! And Chloe who was found comatose on the floor being trampled by her brothers and sisters is now happily leading Coco around the paddock finding all the best spots to dig up!


ALV and UPROAR Joint Openrescue at a Pig Factory, December 2010

On December 4 2010, ALV and UPROAR conducted a joint Openrescue at a pig factory in Victoria. Openrescues expose the exploitation of animals by the animal agriculture industry and the consumers who support it. Read more...

Puppy Factory Investigations 2010

ALV has filmed undercover in seven different puppy farms around Victoria this year. We always find the same thing, dogs who are either sick, blind, matted, malnourished, cold and shivering, exhausted from overbreeding, confined in tiny areas without exercise or socialisation - or all of these things. The common denominator is they are all treated as production units to make someone a lot of money.

ALV Openrescue at Parkhurst on ABC's Lateline, March 2010

On March 19 ALV's Openrescue team investigated Parkhurst Farms. Karen Barlow from ABC's Lateline interviewed ALV President Patty Mark after the investigation which exposed the shocking cruelty on the property. Click here to read more and watch the story online.

Debra Tranter on The 7.30 Report, March 2010
Watch the interview with ALV's Puppy Campaigner Debra Tranter featuring ALV's shocking video footage of Victorian Puppy Farms.
Click here...

KKK Puppy Farm Investigation - Dogs Trapped in Raised Cages, Footage from January 2009
This puppy farm keeps dogs in raised wire cages inside a tin shed. Dogs are forced to give birth straight onto the wire floor of the cage. ALV open rescue team gave video evidence to the authorities and pleaded to get the dogs out of the cages. This case ended up at VCAT where all parties argued about the size of the cages, not the dogs welfare. The court ruled that it was acceptable to keep dogs in raised wire cages as long as the cages were deemed the correct size. The dogs are still in the cages. Kelly Kesper owner of KKK puppy farm is still selling puppies online.

ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm - Shocking and killing dogs for a living. December 2009

SInce ALV first exposed ACA puppy farm in 2007 we have successfully been responsible for a 25% drop in their sales. Business is so bad they have had to change their name to 'Banksia Park Puppies' in an attempt to salvage their image. Now they have installed electric fences to stop the dogs who are desperate to escape.

Please email Scott Rossetti, Mayor of Wellington Shire Council. Tell him this has to stop. Email:

KFC Cruelty Demo - Animal Liberation Youth, March 2009
ALV's youth group, ALY organised a loud and visual protest outside KFC in Swanston Street on Saturday May 2 (see video below). Eight young activists dressed in bio-suits with facemasks alerted the public to the strong connection between factory farming and global pandemics, while others displayed three of the rescued chicks from a KFC supplier shed.

Bayles Broiler Shed, 20/04/2009
On April 20 2009, Animal Liberation Victoria's Openrescue team investigated a broiler chicken shed in Bayles, Victoria. What they found were thousands of birds trapped in shocking conditions.

On December 7th 2008 the ALV Openrescue team saved six birds from a Broiler Breeder shed in Victoria. Team member Jonathan Tosio describes his first impressions of the appalling conditions inside these sheds.


Animal Liberation Victoria's Openrescue team saved the lives of 13 battery hens from abysmal conditions inside an Australian egg laying factory. The rescue was in solidarity with the ten Austrian animal activists who were imprisoned without reasonable cause.


Animal Liberation Victoria Openrescue activists inspected a massive breeding shed where the parents of future egg-laying hens are used for breeding.

Sally and Simon accompanied other Openrescue members on an inspection of a Broiler Breeder Parent facility, where the mothers and fathers of chickens used for meat are imprisoned. Sally and Simon reflect on their first impressions as they come face to face with the reality of chicken farming.

In September 2007 the Animal Liberation Victoria Openrescue team investigated a broiler parent breeder farm - the birds who lay the eggs that will become the future hens used for meat production. Six hens were rescued and given a loving home.















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