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Stop Rodeo Cruelty

Ban Rodeos Protest at Rod Laver Arena (8 May 2010)

On Saturday 8 May, ALV held a demonstration against the International Rodeo at Rod Laver Arena.  Rodeos are cruel and outdated. A loud and proud crowd of ALV activists made sure those going to the rodeo were educated about the horrific practices done to make animals 'perform' for the crowds.  ALV has video footage taken at this event from previous years clearly showing horses and bulls being illegally electrocuted, prodded, chunks of mane ripped out, being hit and kicked around the face and body and poked with wire and crutches, all of this on top of the painful flank strap which is pulled tightly around them (over the groin area on the males) to make them buck. 

Activists held billboards spelling 'BAN RODEO CRUELTY', handed out leaflets and dvds and used megaphones to broadcast information about what happens to animals in rodeos.

The arena staff were NOT happy about us being there, but we are not happy they continue to allow this cruelty to take place in the name of entertainment.  Please take a minute to contact Melbourne Parks and ask them to stop facilitating this unnecessary cruelty by banning rodeos from their venues.

Rodeo Cruelty Protest (2006)

rodeo protestALV conducted several high profile actions against the International Rodeo when it came to Melbourne in April. In the first action protesters exposed the ‘naked’ truth about rodeo cruelty by ditching their clothes underneath the clocks at Flinders Street Station and holding up strategically placed signs which read: ‘Nobody likes an 8 second ride’ and ‘Buck the Rodeo’. The action received a great response with thousands of ‘Rodeo Cruelty’ leaflets handed out and massive television and newspaper coverage.

rodeo protestLater that night ALV protesters staged a second action at the Rodeo itself when eight protesters dodged security and jumped into the centre of Rod Laver arena, holding up signs which read ‘Rodeo Cruelty’ and ‘Bloodsport’. The disruption occured just as the main event was starting and ensured that for the second day running the issue of rodeo cruelty was kept in the public eye, with more prime time news stories and further coverage in the major daily newspapers the following day.

In taking on the rodeo, ALV is determined to dispel the myths promoted by rodeo organisers that the animals are ‘wild’ and are ‘born to buck’ and are calling for rodeos to be banned in Australia due to practises that result in horrific injuries to the animals involved. Rodeos are cruel bloodsports, condemned by every major animal protection organisation in the world, in which bulls, horses and other animals are physically tormented to result in them displaying ‘wild’ behaviour. Straps are cinched around the sensitive flanks of horses and bulls, and spurs are used to send them into a bucking frenzy that can cause the animals to fall, crash into gates and other obstructions, breakng their legs and backs.

Noah Hannibal, one of the activists involved in the protests, said in a statement to the media: “We have repeatedly asked the rodeo organisers to allow us to film the horses and bulls prior to being released into the arena and they have been non-responsive. If there is no cruelty, what do they have to hide? Torturing animals and placing them and the audience at grave risk of injury is surely not the average Australian’s idea of a legitimate sport. We aim to make the facts about rodeos transparent and present it for what it is: a barbaric form of animal abuse designed to entertain a minority of people who should feel ashamed of themselves.”

What you can do

Don’t attend rodeos or any other events where animals are abused for human entertainment, and tell your family and friends why. You can also become an ALV supporter and help us in the fight against cruelty to animals.

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