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Puppy farms are the hidden business behind the pet shop window. They are breeding farms where thousands of dogs are kept imprisoned for life churning out puppies to supply the pet shop industry.

Many puppy farms have between 200-300 female dogs and approximately 50 male dogs. The farms employ minimal staff to keep wages down and only feed the dogs once every second day. Veterinary treatment is rarely provided, as this is another expense. Some of the puppies are put aside to replace the sick, injured or old breeding mother and father dogs. Female dogs come into season at approximately 6 months of age so this is when they start breeding. They are not rested in between cycles and are kept in a continual cycle of pregnancy. The dogs are kept in small pens their entire lives and spend their days ceaselessly pacing back and forth, the only way of coping with their despair. These intelligent animals are never walked, socialised or given any love; they are simply breeding machines.

The puppies are weaned from their mothers between 4 and 5 weeks and then transported to pet shops to be displayed to the unsuspecting public. Pet shop owners depend on love at first sight because it prompts people to make an impulsive purchase. What the consumer can’t see is the puppy’s mother and father imprisoned miles away.

To learn more about ALV's puppy farm campaigns check out Puppy Prisoners and "How can they be so cruel?".

12 December 2010

ALV has filmed undercover in seven different puppy farms around Victoria this year. We always find the same thing, dogs who are either sick, blind, matted, malnourished, cold and shivering, exhausted from overbreeding, confined in tiny areas without exercise or socialisation - or all of these things. The common denominator is they are all treated as production units to make someone a lot of money. People, and especially those with little kids, oooh and aaah when they see puppies in the pet shop window. The kids then beg and plead for a 'cuddly little puppy'. What they never see is the dismal and dark life the parents of these puppies live.

Watch the below video of ALV's puppy factory investiations throughout 2010. This is the cruel industry people support when they buy dogs from pet store's, newspapers or over the internet.

When the 'economic life' of these breeding dogs is over many just get a bullet to the head or a lethal injection from the puppy factory's 'contract vet'. Or some, like the place ALV inspected last Sunday, just confine them on concrete in a run to live out the rest of their days with a hoard of other dogs and are never let out.  One of the dogs we rescued on Sunday (November 28) was kept indoors in a room with 7- 8 raised wire pens (the size of a small baby's cot) with anywhere from 2 to 7 dogs in each one.  Some 30 - 50 chihuahua dogs are permanently confined in this small room and the smell was overwhelming. When the dog was taken to a loving home all she did was walk in little squares over and over again. 

Christmas is approaching...
Please do all you can to educate your family, friends and neighbours never to buy a puppy from a pet shop or online. Hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs are killed every year in shelters and pounds around Australia. Visit these shelters and adopt an animal instead. Save a life rather than put more money into someone's pocket who treats our 'best friend' as slave labor with either a few kicks in the gut or neglect along the way before they 'dispose' of them.

21 September 2010

7PM Project on Channel 10 ran a great story tonight about puppy factories featuring an interview with Debra Tranter ( and showing footage from ALV's recent investigation at a Victorian puppy factory.


Please help us push for a ban on puppy factories by sending a letter to Premier John Brumby via the website.

14 September 2010

ALV's openrescue team has been busy documenting horrific conditions on Victorian puppy farms over the past 18 months. From one end of the state to the other it's clear the situation is dire for dogs, who are locked up for years and used as breeding machines. Once they are no longer economically viable they get killed. One puppy farmer told us "Yeah, they get a bullet to the head!".

When: Sunday, Sep 19, 12pm – 2pm
Where: Steps of Parliament House, Melbourne.

Skye Brown is an animal rights activist who has been a member of ALV's Openrescue team since 2008. In the last 2 years he has recorded video footage at many Victorian puppy farms.

"Before I set foot on a puppy farm, I really didn't know where the puppies in Australian pet shops came from. It's easy to pretend that the puppies staring out through the glass originally came from caring and loving environments. Now I know first hand that these pups and their parents have experienced pure hell. These puppies are mass produced in factories right here in Victoria. You wouldn't believe how many of these puppy factories are hidden away from view, operating with the silent approval from government and local council.

What is clear throughout all of the puppy factories I have witnessed, is that these animals are treated as mere commodities. They are held in what can only be described as prisons. Puppies are taken away from their mothers when they are weeks old - never to be seen again. Meanwhile the mothers are forced to continue on as breeding machines, they are then killed when their bodies can no longer cope with the continual breeding.

ALV is currently working in conjunction with Oscar's Law to investigate the ongoing abuse of dogs in puppy farms. We all need to keep exposing these horrific puppy factories and putting pressure on the government to end this cruel profiteering." 
Visit for more information.

Please contact Premier John Brumby and let him know that puppy factories must stop:


28 January 2010

Early January 2010 ALV’s Openrescue team investigated a puppy farm near Lancefield Victoria. A number of dogs who required urgent veterinary attention were rescued.

The list of ailments the dogs suffered was extensive, including:

Severe matting
Ear infections
Gum disease
Rotten teeth
Grass seed abscesses
Dogs so severely malnourished their irritated skin was like paper
Grossly underweight

Days later approximately 10 police raided Debra Tranters house. They had a search warrant. They seized Oscar (one of the rescued dogs) and returned him to his abusers.

To read the full story and find out how you can help click here...
Please join Oscar's Facebook Group - he desperately needs your help!

ACA/Banksia Park Puppy Farm - Using Electric Fences

As if breeding dogs back to back until they are no longer 'profitable' then killing them isn't cruel enough, ACA/ Banksia Park have now installed electric wires around their pens to shock them when they try desperately to dig out. Watch the video below and then please email the Mayor of Wellington Shire Council, Scott Rossetti. Tell him this has to stop. Email:


Your help is desperately needed!

ALV’s Prisoners For Profit Campaign has been investigating Rutland Manor puppy farm and has uncovered years of violations to the Code of Practice for Breeding and Rearing Establishments including:

  • Back to back breeding of the dogs with no rest in between litters.
  • Underage breeding of dogs from as young as 8 months.

  • “Rescued” dog from a pound being used as a breeding machine and her 55 puppies sold for up to $2,000 with a fake pedigree.

  • Illegal debarking of dogs.

Beverley Manners - "Founder of the Rutland Manor Labradoodle Breeding & Research Centre in Australia", claims that the dogs she breeds live in a "picturesque five acre complex" and have "plenty of freestyle romping together in their sheltered parks" (from her own website). However ALV's Prisoners For Profit Campaign has revealed that nothing could be further from the truth.

Rutland Manor sells puppies over the internet and exports to 23 countries, mainly to the USA and UK. Council have so far failed to enforce the mandatory Code of Practice and the dogs need your help now.


Please write to CEO David Powell

Ask him to revoke Rutland Manors permit due to years of violations to the Code. This puppy farm has been operating for 22 years it's time it was stopped. More information on this investigation can be viewed at: and


Stop Press: please take action today!
If you are horrified by the numbers of cats and dogs killed, then you MUST support Sydney Mayor and Independant MP Clover Moore’s efforts to get the Animals (Regulation of Sales) Bill 2007 passed through the NSW Parliament.
Please visit

The Puppy Mill

The Puppy Mill
The Puppy Mill is a documentary that explores the domestication of dogs and how our demand for the ultimate family pet has led to increasingly inhumane treatment.
Featuring ALV"s undercover footage of Victorian puppy farms.

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