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Fur: A fashion statement for some, a cruel death sentence for others.

80-100 million animals are killed by the clothing and fur industries EVERY year. Hundreds of thousands of raccoons and sables, and millions of farmed mink, foxes and kangaroos are used. These animals are farmed or trapped in the wild, just to satisfy ever changing fashion trends.

The fur trade is a violent, bloody industry. Trapping, beating, drowning and ripping animals skins from their backs simply for the sake of vanity is absolutely indefensible.

When people wear fur, they are showing the world their complete disregard for nature and animals.

Some designers justify their use of fur by saying they only use the skins of “Pest animals like rabbits, possums and foxes. These animals are just as capable of suffering as endangered species. Because their lives are deemed to possess so little value they are killed in the cruelest ways.


On fur farms animals are crammed in cages and exposed to harsh icy winds to stimulate the growth of their lucrative fur. Many animals live for YEARS in these hideous conditions before the farmer kills them and sells their fur to make coats, cuffs, collars and trim. They face death through lethal injection, gassing, electrocution or broken necks, all methods that ensure that their fur is not damaged.










Wild animals are caught in steel jaw traps meaning they will suffer cruel, violent and sometimes long and distressing deaths. Some animals chew off their own limbs to escape, especially mothers desperate to get back to their young. When the trap is activated, the large steel jaws of the trap snap shut onto the animal's flesh, tearing through the tissue and ligaments and shattering bones. Imagine slamming the car door on your fingers and you might have an idea of what a trap feels like. Steel-jaw leghold traps are so notoriously cruel that they have been banned in more than 80 countries and in some states.



Animals can be caught across their back, or by their neck. These traps are laid indiscriminately and have also killed dogs, cats, birds and any other innocent creature that happens to cross its path.

The animals trapped will die slowly, through starvation, from freezing or even being eaten by other predators. )




Animals such as mink and foxes spend their entire lives from birth to death living in tiny, filthy wire cages on fur farms. The cages cause so much stress that these WILD animals develop abnormal behaviour like chewing off their own tails or killing their offspring. Other abnormal behaviours include constantly pacing back and forth out of stress and boredom and head circling. Breeder animals peer intently from their cages, their view of the world chopped into the rectangles created by the mesh wiring.









Some fur farmer’s kill animals such as foxes by anal or vaginal electrocution. Animals who are electrocuted experience the intense pain of a heart attack while fully conscious. One electrode is clamped to the fox’s muzzle and the other is inserted into the rectum, then the electric current is passed between them to kill the fox. The animals do not lose conciousness for 1-2 minutes. The time seems like an eternity, so one can only imagine how the animals must feel during this time with the electricity running from one end of his body to the other while heat builds up at the site of the electrode. Often the anal probe falls out. When this happens, the fox convulses, shakes, and often cries.




A fur farmer was caught killing minks by injecting an insecticide into their hearts. This cruel method of killing causes animals to convulse for up to 10 minutes before they die.

Other killing methods include gassing and suffocation. Sometimes animals are only stunned and may be skinned alive. The animals trapped will die slowly for hours or sometimes taking days through starvation or by having the trapper stomp on their neck or chest.


Rabbits used in the fur industry are “purpose-bred” and confined to battery cages like other fur farmed animals. They spend their entire miserable lives standing on thin cage wires, never having a chance to dig, jump or play.

Rabbits are sensitive, smart animals who are extremely clean by nature but are kept in small cages surrounded by their faeces. The methods used for slaughtering rabbits is no more humane, they are killed by having their necks snapped or having their skulls beaten before being strung up by the legs and having their heads cut off.

How You Can Help:


  • Please help us raise public awareness and stop the fur trade. It only exists because there's demand.
  • Join ALV or send a donation to help with this valuable campaign
  • If you are aware of any stores/designers selling fur, could you please email us at

We will send them our anti fur kit which includes our graphic 6 minute CD on the fur industry
When you see a fur item in a store, tell the manager that you would not support the company unless they stop selling fur products and/or send letters such as the following to the company's head office, preferably to the managing director(s). (You can use the following text, amend some parts, or write your own letter).

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you because I am very concerned about your sale of fur products. The fur trade is a cruel industry, which inhumanely slaughters innocent animals for the sake of fashion.

I will not patronise your stores until you cease the sale of these offensive products.

The fur-farmed and captured animals used for fur products are usually killed by electrocution, gassing, cyanide injection, decompression or neck snapping, all of which cause intense suffering. Sometimes, these attempts at killing may not succeed, and the animal may remain fully conscious whilst being skinned alive.

By selling fur products you are complicit in the suffering and death of these innocent animals.

There is an enormous choice of fake furs available, enabling people to have the look but avoid the cruelty.

Yours sincerely,

(Insert Name)

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