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Your Donation Helps These Rescued Animals

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ALV has many day to day costs involved with looking after rescued animals and continuing our ongoing campaigns.  These costs include feeding and caring for the many rescued animals, insurance, printing costs, office equipment and supplies, utilities and legal expenses.
Please donate to help with these costs and to enable us to continue our work...

ALV’s open rescue team has undertaken hundreds of rescues over the years - including puppy farms, piggeries, battery hen sheds, free range chicken farms, parent bird sheds (of laying birds and broiler birds), broiler chicken sheds, battery rabbit farms, cat breeding facilities, horse knackeries and intensive turkey farms.  We have liberated over a thousand animals from open rescues, saleyards and abattoirs. 

As well as saving these animals from horrific conditions and a grisly death, an important part of our work is to document the shocking conditions these animals are kept in.  We want to continue with our rescue work, but have mounting costs that we need help with.  If you are able to contribute in any way we would be most grateful. 

Please scroll down the page to donate to individual rescued animals.

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Rescued Pigs

ALV rescues many pigs from factories throughout Victoria. Over the years scores of pigs have been rescued by the Openrescue team and ALV continues to do this important work. Donations for current and future rescued pigs are always greatly appreciated.  

$200 feeds two pigs for a month...

Lulu came to ALV at about 3 months of age.  She was rescued from the Ballarat saleyards where she was destined for slaughter.  Lulu had a runny nose, bad cough and an infected wound where a hole was punched out of her ear. She’s all better now and a very sweet girl who is a little shy at first but is very friendly when you get to know her. But beware, you have to watch her otherwise she’ll have a  nibble on your hair if she gets the chance!  Lulu is best friends with Little Prince.

$60 feeds Lulu for a month...

Little Prince

Little Prince was rescued from a Melbourne abattoir. 
Sadly he was born there while his mother was waiting for slaughter.  Little Prince was a tiny newborn when he arrived at ALV, weighing a mere 2.5kg. 
He has grown up to be a really cheeky young man who loves to be the centre of attention.  You have to watch him or he’ll be in the house looking for the box of corn flakes or chewing on your shoelaces before you know it!  Little Prince is great friends with Leo (a rescued golden retriever) and Lulu (see above).    

$60 feeds Little Prince for a month...      

Cutie, Sunshine, Santi, Ziggy, Whitey, Maddy and Angel

ALV is guardian of 7 cows, 5 boys (Cutie, Sunshine, Santi, Ziggy and Whitey) and 2 girls (Maddy and Angel) who are agisted on a magnificent property near Emerald.  Cutie is the oldest one of the bunch, around 9 years of age.  He was found bogged in a muddy damn near death when only a few days old and had to be bottle fed.  Sunshine and Whitey are the greatest of mates.  Maddy the smallest female is gorgeous with a pure white face and striking long horns.  These intelligent animals are able to roam free and carry out their natural behaviours, forever
spared the fear and terror of going to the

$80 agists 7 cows for a month...

Chickens, rabbits, ducks, turkeys and a goose! 
ALV looks after numerous birds and two rabbits. 
A few of the happy residents include Papa duck, the patriarch. Papa is almost 7 years old and protects the whole flock. He’s a friendly boy who welcomes everyone with his unique way of talking, Kerry turkey – who’s been feeling a bit broody lately, Peggy a broiler breeder mother bird – who Is almost four years old, very rare after what she’s been through! Gertie Goose, with ‘airplane’ wings due to a bad start in a meat production shed. Martina and Christina – two cheeky ex-battery hens who will come and steal food in the kitchen if they get half a chance, and Apricot (who turned out to be a boy) - rescued from a KFC shed and unable to walk, who now after some TLC, struts around the place like he’s lord of the manor!  (except we have to make sure Papa and Apricot don’t cross paths!)

$160 feeds chickens, rabbits, ducks, turkeys and a
goose for a month...

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As well as financial help, if you are able to offer a home to a rescued animal – whether it be a rabbit, pig, cow, horse, sheep, dog, cat or bird please let us know so that we can put you on our database for future rescues.  Continuing with our undercover rescue work is extremely important, but we need experienced people to offer homes to these animals, who usually require a lot of time, patience and care after the terrible conditions they have been removed from. Please contact us at or (03) 9531 4367 to let us know how you can help.

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The following items will help us with our ongoing work.  If you are interested in donating any of the following items please contact us at or (03) 9531 4367

Canon EOS 7D Camera             
A good camera is one of the most important pieces of equipment to us.  Documenting conditions that animals are kept and raised in is an integral part of our work.  Our current camera is getting a little old and tired and we are at the point where we need to replace it.  The Canon EOS 7D is what we would like to upgrade to.

We desperately need a new desktop computer! 

We need a good quality, heavy wood rake with sturdy metal claws to help keep the sanctuary tidy!

Bales of Straw                                 
For bedding down the birds and sheep and keeping them cosy at night!  And bales of pasture hay for the bunnies to munch.

Rolled Oats                                      
Bags of no-brand rolled oats to mix with the pollard for the chickens, ducks, goose and turkey’s morning mash.

Torches with Batteries                 
To help the rescue team see where they’re going at night!

Hospital Grade Disinfectant     
For keeping the animal sheds clean and for disinfecting our feet before entering chicken sheds on rescues.

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A bequest is a provision in your will that names the recipient or partial recipients of your estate.
In making a bequest to Animal Liberation Victoria you can specify an amount of money or a percentage of your estate, the remainder of your estate, or other items of personal property such as shares. Your bequest can be directed to a particular area of work, eg. to fund the Campaign against the Live Export Trade, Battery Farms, etc. Whatever the size of your bequest, it is a simple way to make the contribution of a lifetime. For more information about making a bequest to ALV please see our bequest information factsheet (PDF). Please let us know if you have included ALV in your will so that we can ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

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